About us

At MDOTM we develop AI-driven investment strategies for the financial markets.

We apply Artificial Intelligence and advanced statistical techniques to vast amounts of financial data to develop investment strategies that exploit market inefficiencies.

We work closely with our clients, which are exclusively institutional investors, to support them with high-level technology in their investment decision process.

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Who we are

MDOTM was founded in London in late 2015 by longtime friends Tommaso Migliore and Federico Mazzorin who shared the strong belief that the scientific method offers the best approach to investing. Our team reflects our approach - which is rooted in science - and composed of researchers and analysts with backgrounds ranging from finance and statistics, to computer science and structure of matter physics.


We are always looking for highly driven and talented individuals with strong professional skills, along with a great combination of creativity and attention to detail, who are interested in working in a fast paced, stimulating and dynamic environment.