AI: Delivering on the Sustainability Promise

AI: Delivering on the Sustainability Promise

What is hidden behind the ESG overperformance?

From being a niche, ESG investing has become Finance’s new gold standard. Strongly endorsed by institutions as well as the asset management industry, it has rapidly turned into an opportunity to combine the traditional risk-return approach with more responsible investment decisions.

Yet, theory and practice found themselves at odds on whether ESG carries a risk premium, making its explanation harder than it seems. Now more than ever, science and Artificial Intelligence become precious allies to help investors regain clarity and use ESG as an input to build well-diversified and resilient portfolios.

During the webinar, we talked about:

  • ESG investing: trends, pitfalls, and opportunities
  • The frontier of sustainable investing research: what is behind the recent ESG overperformance?
  • How to seize the win-win opportunity of AI and ESG into investment portfolios

Watch the Webinar

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