Portfolio Diagnostics™


Structure your portfolio for success. Our AI-Driven Portfolio Diagnostics™ lets you run a 360-degree sanity check of your portfolio to unlock its full potential. You will understand what risk drivers affect your portfolio, how it reacts in conditions of market turbulence and get clear indications on how to improve its diversification.

What our clients can expect

A comprehensive
look-through of your portfolio

We deeply understand the composition of a given equity or multi-asset portfolio, also analysing the underlying allocations of active funds and evaluating its positioning relative to an appropriate benchmark to identify inefficiencies and uncover diversification opportunities.

Historical and AI-generated
stress test scenarios

We assess the robustness of the portfolio, both in historical (e.g. 2008 Crisis, Covid-19) and AI-generated stress test scenarios (e.g. an upcoming highly volatile bear market) to evaluate and understand for which ones it is better positioned.

Clear indications
on how to adjust your portfolio

By monitoring the portfolio’s risk and performance, our AI converts all the analysis into actionable investment insights. Our clients receive a comprehensive report with clear indications on how to rebalance the portfolio, reduce risk and exploit diversification opportunities.

How we work with our clients

We understand how your portfolio is built

We analyse the portfolio asset allocation at the security level. Understanding how all the elements interact in the portfolio allows us to assess its positioning with respect to a target portfolio and provide an objective second opinion.

We tell you what is going on and why in your portfolio

Our analysis conveys a dynamic view of portfolio risk well over traditional style boxes. The innovative representation of the positioning through multivariate surfaces is crucial to immediately grasp the expected performance of the portfolio compared to its target.

We structure your portfolio for success

Our clients receive a comprehensive report with a list of bespoke recommendations on how to improve portfolio positioning, in order to perform targeted analyses, produce customized reports, and take timely actions to avoid exposure to undesirable risk.

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