Asset Allocation Enhancement


Precious insights for your asset allocation. Our Asset Allocation Enhancement integrates into your existing investment process to provide timely asset allocation insights based on our core AI technology. You will gain a distinctive edge from our AI-Driven investment models to harness opportunities as they arise and increase the efficiency of your portfolio.

What our clients can expect

A 360-degree
Portfolio Check-up

The Asset Allocation Enhancement includes our AI-Driven Portfolio Diagnostics™. Based on historical and AI-generated stress test scenarios, the Portfolio Diagnostics reveals how the portfolio is positioned, as well as its hidden risks and diversification opportunities.

Our AI-Driven model
tailored to your needs

The clients get full access to our research. Our AI-Driven model integrates into the client’s existing investment process: we identify possible areas that could benefit from an AI input and tailor our models to work and add value within that specific environment.

Asset allocation insights
at a regional, sector, and industry level

The AI models are trained to analyse current market scenarios and return an informed view on sectors, industries, and geographies. Our clients receive support for their asset allocation in the form of actionable and timely recommendations.

How we work with our clients

We develop a model tailored to your investment process

We start by understanding how the investment process is structured, what are the investment objectives and which limits or constraints it is subjected to, and we customize our AI-Driven models accordingly.

We provide timely insights to enhance your asset allocation

We provide clear and timely indications to help our clients refine the portfolio asset allocation within its regulatory and investment constraints. The output of our analysis is developed to be easily integrated into the client’s investment process.

We empower your investment process with AI

The model output allows our clients to enhance their investment process with unique AI-Driven insights. With them, they are able to navigate volatility confidently, position their portfolio strategically, and rapidly adapt to market changes.

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