AI-Powered Asset Management: Taking Investment Decisions to the Next Level

About this talk:

8 of 10 investment managers are integrating AI into their investment process. As its adoption among institutional investors is on the rise, AI providers must raise the bar to ensure human and artificial intelligence go hand in hand. How can AI help asset managers navigate today’s market context? And how can it work alongside decision-makers to provide forward-looking inputs? During this panel, Ferdi Van Heerden (CEO of Momentum Global Investment Management), Tommaso Migliore (CEO & Co-founder of MDOTM Ltd.) and Marija Primorac (Senior Consultant at Casey Quirk) discuss how asset managers are using AI today, and the way it is providing forward-looking insights to help institutional investors stay ahead of market complexity.

Topics covered:

00:06:16: Why AI is no longer a niche, but a go-to technology for modern asset managers

00:11:13: The difference between AI and traditional approaches in the investment process

00:14:02: Practical case study: What culture does an asset manager need to successfully adopt AI?

00:20:27: Where is AI heading in investments?

00:29:34: How MGIM is using MDOTM’s AI in its multi-asset investment process

00:35:51: MDOTM’s AI and track record: surviving Brexit, Covid-19, the Ukraine War and more

Start Integrating AI Into Your Investment Process