Rethinking Asset Allocation

Part 1: 10 Asset Allocation Insights for Investing in the 2020s

💡 How Will Asset Allocation Look Like in the 2020s?
We have all been called to evolve during this global pandemic. In this two-part paper, we share 10 asset allocation insights to help us face today's new investing challenges.

🔎 Revolution or Rediscovery? That is the Question.
AI has dramatically improved our ability to understand complexity. As it grows into a mature technology, it marks the crucial shift from human and statistical reasoning to a new era of assisted decision-making.

🌎 Science is the Key to See the Bigger Picture
Unrealistic assumptions distract us to see how it all fits together. This is why applying the scientific method is essential to build knowledge, develop investment insights and guide our decision-making in this complex world. 

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