About Us


At MDOTM we develop AI-driven investment strategies for the financial markets and we work closely with our clients - Banks, Family Offices, Wealth and Asset Management companies - providing them with our systematic models that support them in their investment decision process.

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze different asset classes with specific models for single-stock equity investing and multi-asset class allocation.

We believe that today the world of investments has become a "tech challenge", the Internet has democratised access to traditional information and levelled out the asymmetries among the market players. The scientific method and state-of-the-art technology are the only way to extract significant information signals from the background noise of the markets - our algorithms analyse tens of millions of data points every month.

Thanks to our approach to research in the field of Artificial Intelligence we have been the only European fintech startup selected for the Silicon Valley acceleration program powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

At MDOTM data is where it all begins: we collect and clean the huge volume of noisy market data produced every day. Then, using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced statistical techniques we analyse these large datasets, train our algorithms and develop actionable investment strategies that exploit known market inefficiencies.

We specialise in establishing the real financial significance of the statistical research findings.

MDOTM was founded in London in late 2015 by Tommaso Migliore and Federico Mazzorin, graduates in finance and physics respectively and childhood friends. Today the team is based between London and Milan and composed of researchers and analysts with backgrounds ranging from finance and statistics, to computer science and structure of matter physics.

As of 2021, MDOTM is the first AI-Driven Advisor to sign the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).